Little Treasures Christian Childcare Center Awesome!!!

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Little Treasures is not a typical childcare center.  It’s as close to a home away from home as a family could possibly hope for.  Rachel and Hal Yost have taken great care to create a loving, nurturing and learning environment that’s the next best thing to the warmth of home.  All are welcome to come by and check out the fun  (972) 247-3400.  Tours are given daily by appointment only. 

May God bless your day.

Rachel Yost
(972) 247-3400

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4 Responses to “Little Treasures Christian Childcare Center Awesome!!!”
  1. Julie Cook says:

    In the thirty years that I have known Rachel Yost she has been a child magnet. Initially children gravitate to her warm beautiful smile and then they are enveloped by her love for the uniqueness of each individual. Directing Little Treasures CCC is a natural for this woman who has the soul of a nurturer. She instinctively knows how to help others grow.

  2. Antoinette Birdsell says:

    Rachel, Hal & their daughters are a God send. They are more like extended family than a daycare. I feel so blessed to share my 2 daughters (ages 2 & 4) with them. My girls are learning so much and everyday I can see their development rapidly increase, both intellectually but also socially. The Yost family have a natural love for kids and the kids love them. It’s wonderful to go to work and know that my most precious gifts are in safe hands. May God bless you all with more enrollment than you can handle. We love you!

  3. Melissa Marsh says:

    Little Treasurers has been an answer to our prayers. As a first time mom who needed to return to work I was not happy with any place or anybody I had looked into for caring for our newborn. I went to check out Little Treasurers due to the personal recommendation of a very trusted family friend. I was very impressed after my visit and signed us up. Now two years later my 2 year old is EXCEEDING in every way possible – socially, academically, etc….and I know without a doubt we owe a large part of her achievements to Little Treasurers. We now have another new daughter and it goes without saying we have signed her up as well. The staff is beyond comparison – Rachel has found a top notch group to love/care/teach the children. The children are truly #1 with the staff and it shows – my daughter watches out our car window and the moment the building comes into view she yells “Yeah momma my school!!” I can not express how much of a relief it is to have both of my children with people I know are caring for them as if they were their own. Little Treasurers is truly part of the family!! Love you all!!

  4. Kendra Simpson says:

    I am so glad our girls are at this school!!! Rachel Yost and the teachers and staff have all been wonderful to our family. My 3.5 year old has learned so many songs, prayers, more about manners, and she loves making art (they do adorable projects)….I can tell she’s really engaged while she’s there, and her teachers are awesome. I also just got my 2 month old in the infant program and I was so impressed with the teachers’ knowledge of the state regulations regarding childcare, and of course with how caring and compassionate they were towards me and my daughter. The first day I left the baby with them, they emailed me an update and texted me an adorable pic of the baby. The school keeps great communication with the parents. The Director, Rachel, is very involved and knows all the kids, which is really cool. I trust the people there enough that I would recommend any of the age group classes to my friends and families looking for somewhere to place their children. This daycare is just run very well–If there’s still a waitlist, hold out!! It’s worth it!!

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