About Us

Little Treasures Christian Childcare Center is owned and operated by the Yost Family- Hal, Rachel, Brooke, Hannah and Lydia.  Native Dallisites for over 45 years, the Yost family attended local elementary, middle and high schools and attend St. Rita Catholic Church.    The late Betty Yost ignited a deep passion and love for children as a teacher at this location for over 30 years.  In the spirit of “Mrs. Betty”, we welcome Gods Little Treasures into our school to share in the excitement of love, learning and life.

We accept children from 6 weeks of age through 5.

Little Treasures Christian Childcare Center is not a franchise.  We believe child care is a calling, a mission and a passion first and foremost.  Presently Little Treasures has the capacity to serve up to 75 children with expansion options into an additional wing to offer childcare.

Little Treasures mission is to offer children an exceptional early learning experience. We differentiate ourselves from other childcare centers by purposely operating in a smaller more personal secure setting.  Our playground area is large with shady trees, bushes and a variety of play stations designed to encourage fun filled stress free days of play.

Research has clearly provided insight into early childhood development and revels that the most important years for a child’s brain development and early learning patterns occur from infancy to age five.  Our curriculum, The Creative Curriculum is designed specifically to challenge each individual child to reach his or her maximum potential.  The majority of our teachers come from our community, are experienced childcare providers, and are trained in early childhood development/education.   Our goal is to create in each child a love for learning, for life and for Christ.  We believe that teaching a child to pray during these early years develops in them a solid spiritual foundation upon which they will build their lives.

Little Treasures daily operational format provides a unique staffing model, standardized operating and teaching manuals, daily progress reports and a continual housekeeping effort to maintain the cleanliness of the facility utilizing green products whenever possible.